Bubur Ketan Hitam

Bubur Ketan Hitam a.k.a Black Glutinous Rice Porridge is an Indonesian dessert whose main ingredients are palm sugar, coconut milk, and black glutinous rice. This black glutinous rice is also referred to as sticky rice, waxy rice or sweet rice. The rice belongs to a short grain variety and is a deep purple color. Through my research, I learned that this variety of rice has many health benefits. That makes it even better, isn’t it? To name a few, it is a great source of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. There are variations to the simple bubur ketan hitam recipe but I will be outlining the basic recipe here. Hope you enjoy this favorite 🙂


  • Prep time – 1 hour
  • Cook time – 1 hour


  • Glutinous Black Rice – 1 cup
  • Water – 3.5 cups
  • Palm Sugar – 1/2 cup (for slightly sweet), add much more if you want it sweet
  • Pandan leaves – 2 OR Pandan essence – 2 drops
  • Thick coconut milk – 1.75 cups
  • Cooked Sago Pearls – 1 tsp (OPTIONAL)
  • Salt – 1/4 tsp


  1. Rinse the rice thoroughly until the water runs clear, then soak the rice overnight. Drain the rice
  2. In a heavy bottomed pan, add the water, salt, sugar and rice and bring to a boil. Then reduce heat and cover the pan. Cook on low-medium heat until the rice is cooked and most of the water has absorbed.
  3. Ensure that the rice is fully cooked, then add the cooked sago pearls and most of the coconut milk into the mixture.Mix until well combined
  4. Divide the prepared rice into serving bowls. Decorate with the remaining coconut milk and enjoy 🙂

Bubur pulut 2.JPG


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