About me

I love food! This recipe blog covers dishes that I prepare for my family. We love our Indian food for most of the week so you will find a lot of recipes from India and specifically Kerala, which is where we come from.

Hope you all enjoy them and may they spread joy to you as they have been to me and my family. Happy exploring!

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  1. Jay Taggart says:

    Thank you, Alisha. Greetings from Ontario, Canada. We love Indian food and I found many new recipes, just what we would like on your Blog. I appreciate your time and work you put into sharing your recipes – and especially those from Kerala. They bring sweet memories back after we travelled there (and other parts of the India). Just like you, we love to eat and I love to cook. Most of the Indian recipes are healthy so we will enjoy them more often.


    1. alishasulfi says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words Jay! I hope that you enjoy the food and it takes you back to your travels in India. Let me know if they taste similar to what you had during your vacation. 🙂


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